christmas in the Woods

Stag & Bambi

After selling Pulp I realised how little I actually took home. Crazy I know, but when it's at your fingertips all of the time, it doesn't cross your mind to take it all home as well. It's been pretty much the same with Neck of the Woods, but this Christmas there were a few treasures that made it to our humble abode.

Hanging metal bird with tea light behind wing 

Christmas bush of course. Pat paid $6 for this bunch from a couple of kids on the corner lemonade stall style. They were a bit too cute for him to turn down. The kids not the bush.

Three stockings I made when I had way too much time on my hands. Great fabric from Nordic Fusion. The red ones are from Mozi. The wreath is from a stall at Frenchs Forest organic markets. They were just too good not to have one.

Have a great Christmas. xo


  1. Adore that wreath. Just fabulous, nature at it's finest. And the Christmas bush! It's delightful. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Catch-up in 2011. We're escaping to the caravan until mid Jan. Pruxxx

  2. Darling! Where are those owls from?

  3. The owls are from Pulp. I'm pretty sure they've sold out, I was lucky enough to be in there while she was unpacking the boxes. They're so scruffy and cute.