Seeing Japan

Over the past two weeks our little family were lucky enough to enjoy an amazing trip to Japan. Three days in Tokyo and the rest in snowy Niseko staying at the aptly named Hurry Slowly! It was my second visit to Tokyo and I loved it. If I had visited when I was younger and only had me to think about I'd probably have lived there for a few years. 

Even with a little jet lag (screaming baby two seats back ALL night long) we were on such a high the four of us hit the ground running and couldn't get enough of the sites, sounds and tastes of Tokyo. It did help a lot that our little men have a train fetish. In three days we managed to shop in Harajuku, Ebisu and Shinjuku. Eat fresh sashimi at the fish markets, see a few temples, climb the highest tower in town, eat lunch in the Harajuku Japanese Gardens and buy two pairs of shoes! Everyone was happy.

The snow in Niseko was perfect. There was anywhere from 10-40cm of fresh snow on the ground every morning and the view was just so beautiful. The shot above was taken from our lounge window. One of the many stunning sun rises we were greeted with each morning. Hirafu, where we spent most of the time is basically full of Australians, which isn't a bad thing, however if you're after a cultural experience, it's pretty much non existent there. But drive a few minutes out of town and you don't have to look too far over the snow drifts to find the true Niseko.

The pic above is of the most amazing vintage/new fashion store in Harajuku. I visited it the first time I was in Tokyo and was very delighted to find it was still here. Guys and girls gear, so drag him in. Look out for all the lovely purchases in the next few posts.

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  1. Looks like you had such a fabulous time - Japan is on my next overseas trip list...hopefully soon, rather than later. Great photos!