Bingin, Bali

low tide at Bingin beach

Day 8 and we're on the move to higher ground. After Pat was struck down with a bout of Bali yesturday, it feels like a good time for a new environment. The only upside to the Bali Belly incident was we discovered the wonders of Norit - charcoal tablets. Completely natural and the best thing we've found for diarrhoea. Highly recommend!

Moving on from bowl movements, thought I'd share a few of our more successful eating adventures while on and around the Bukit!

Jimbaran Bay
Chicken Sit Sit wrapped in a crispy tofu basket at Chandi
Tempestuous Organic Mixed Salad at Chandi

If you're into organic, locally grown food then you have to try Chandi restaurant in Seminyak. It's the third time we've eaten here and perfect each visit. Visually the food just blows you away. I'm a coeliac and amazingly they new exactly what I could and couldn't have, they also adjusted ingredients to make certain meals edible for me. Their deserts are incredible but we just didn't have room.

Ulu - great Thai food on the Bukit and Sanur
Pineapple rice boat at Ulu
Good old bacon and eggs at Jiwa Bingin - aptly named "Surfers Breakfast"

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