Skate style


It's my oldest sons eighth birthday at the end of this month. He is besotted with skating and would do it every second of the day if he could. Dad is a skater and stands by the quote "most male fashion trends are started by skaters". I wasn't too sure about this comment, but since being exposed to skating in video, magazines, film and on the street, I have noticed there are a lot of stylish skaters.

Makr has designed a the luxury skate deck above. It's custom shaped, hand stained and cleared, and features leather risers. Each deck is individually numbered to insure you get a one of a kind piece, they're beautiful. 

Man About Town shot a a conceptually brilliant fashion video featuring Kilian Martin, one of the worlds best freestyle skaters. The music (Tommy Edwards classic tune “It’s All in the Game”), the fashion (Cerruti, Dior Homme, Giorgio Armani) and the skating, just makes me wonder if my husband is a little bit right...

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  1. Hi there, you are so right, (or maybe your husband is, but we wont tell him that shh). I never thought of scateboarding as trendy either, but by the looks of this there maybe hope for my three year olds style yet if he decides to take up this sport xx by the way loving your blog and only recently started this after reading about you in shop for kids, yours was my first blog xx have a great week!