For Sale

It's been almost twelve months to the day since I opened the doors to  Neck of the Woods. When I look back on the year that was, I realise how amazing it's been and how much I've achieved. We've had excellent media coverage in magazines such as Frankie, Spaces and Inside Out. And the online presence hasn't been too bad either for a youngster, snippets here and there on sites such as Finders Keepers, Little Pinwheel, Fiona Kate, Honey & Fizz and many more. Almost every day I have lovely customers coming in to the store or visiting this blog and telling me how much they adore the shop, which is a wonderful feeling of achievement.

I have discovered however that it's a difficult road to travel when you have two small children and no family around to help. I have found that personally I'm not doing a great job at being a mum or a small business owner.  I'm not giving either of them the attention or time they deserve. At the end of the day I'm achieving mediocracy with both and doing neither of my roles nor myself justice.

Obviously being a mum outweighs everything else and I've made the difficult decision to sell Neck of the Woods and follow other passions that have a friendlier fit in my mothering schedule. So the short of it is, if you or anyone you may know thinks they have what it takes to run a great small business that's indivual,  loaded with character and has many loyal customers, I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me here for more details.

The good news is this little blog will live on, so keep your eye on this page. Thanks for your support. x


  1. Oh Nicky, what can I say except I'm really sad as I don't know anyone who has your style and no-one could replace you. But I also so get what you mean (being a Mum of two young boys myself). It's impossible to do everything 100%. You have to only bite small at this time in your life... Will see you before this happens though. Pruxxx

  2. I just wanted to second the previous post- you have an incredible eye for all things unique and whimsical- coming in to your shop always gives me
    Such a burst of inspiration- I really love it! But although it is a very special place indeed, it is like that because of you- so even though it is heartbreaking news for some, it is something u can always do again at a later stage or in a diff way. All the best :( xxxxx

  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments and emails. It has made this process a little easier.

    I do love the shop and enjoy doing what it takes to run it, it's just the time aspect that I can't get my head around.

    Such a nice feeling to know that I have inspired people in some way. I have a feeling that what I'm planning on doing for the next stage of my life will do this on an even larger scale.

    Thanks again for all your support.


  4. Oh Nicky, just read your post, I'm so sad that you are selling up! I was just in there the other day and bought 5 of your vintage mirrors and was saying to myself I love this shop! It is so unique and will be missed. Good luck with your next stage in life xx