I was at a girlfriends house the other day, she is French and has that beautiful French sensibility when it comes to design, clothing, food... everything. It was the second time I had been to her home so my eyes were doing the work of a 3 year old (checking everything out). I was looking everywhere, taking it all in, then I caught sight of something I had to pick up and feel and smell and really take it in. I couldn't fully appreciate it by just looking. The little white rat above.

Swig is a beautiful felt designer based in Paris France. I can't read her blog and google translation makes it even worse,  so I'm just going by what my girlfriend told me. She is very well known wet felt artist based in Paris, she has works in a many galleries. The small mouse retails for 85 euro and he is about 15cm high. Some of the works are huge, 40cm or more and sell for thousands!

The mouse I picked up is pleasantly heavy and you just wanted to stroke it. Even they eyes are felted with the little white speck, making them look like shiny plastic ones. Wish I could find out more, alas I can not so just let your eyes enjoy.


  1. these are the cutest things ever, there is something very child like about them, brings back warm memories x

  2. hi! I just found your post and I'm very honored and excited. Thank you so much! I'm sorry, my English is rather poor (and I imagine the disaster of the google translation) but you can send me an e-mail (I haven't found your adress so I leave this comment).
    Kindest greetings from the antipodes (Paris, in fact)