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Inside Out Nov/Dec issue 

What a great day today turned out to be. The boys and I dropped by the shop on our way to hot chocolate and waffles at Barefoot and I was showered with gifts. The new tan leather retro case for my Canon G11, my new business cards, my new signage and almost a full page editorial piece on Neck of the Woods in the November/December issue of Inside Out mag! How good is that.

To top it all off I got to hang out at the BMX track this afternoon, just me, the boys, the dog and my Saltwater sandals! Which by the way we have in store now for all kids and adults who want to tear up the town this summer.

I love an "Afghan". My old business partner Tricky gave me license to use that term, she's from Canadia (yes I know it's spelt incorrectly). We Aussies refer to them as Nana rugs or the good old crochet blanket. We have a few left in store and I find it difficult to part with each one as no two are the same and so much time and love goes in to them. No I didn't crochet them. Nana did.

We also love our forest friends here at Neck of the Woods and there are a few that feature very strongly in store. I found a secret macrame Queen who lives in rural Victoria. She is a wizard and the owls have been more popular than any of us could imagine. 

That's a beautiful Pacific Centred world map printed on canvas in the background. It's stylish muted tones make it perfect for any interior. It measures an impressive 1.75 x 1.2m. The little vintage bottles are from a deceased estate, apparently there was literally a tonne on them, they vary in colour and size but are perfect for that stray little dandelion. 

Have a sweet long weekend. Might see you at the shop x


  1. Nicsta, you should go to new york to be a foot model. How good are you peds. I can already see your piggies up on a billboard in Times Square. x

  2. Hi NOTW, how much do you sell your womens saltwater sandals for?
    Do you have a red ladies size 8?
    Cheers, Leah.B.