tea time

I love caffine, but I'm a self confessed coffee snob, latte, full fat cows milk and one real sugar has to be had before 12pm,  made by a barrister on a CLEAN machine and I don't want to wait longer than 5min for it!  However,  having said that, my favourite hot beverage is tea made by me. I'd give up my one (high maintenance) coffee in a second if I had to choose between the two. So today I thought I'd share a few little treasures we have in store for fellow lovers of the leaf!

And for the more understated tea drinker we have these...


  1. i love my elephant tea set, too cute! he sits looking at me in my kitchen. he makes the best tea! I want to have his friends come stay. lover of tea and the milk kind coffee that definitely takes no longer than 5 minutes.

    {ps. the kind that comes with a waffle or an almond croissant tastes even better}!


  2. Oh, I love Shinzi Katoh products! That little bunny teapot with the long ears is adorable.

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment - it certainly brightened my morning reading it! Small world, I have been meaning to visit your store with my camera very soon - the first time I visited, I came with out it. Would love to do a little post on it, if that's ok - such a gorgeous shop!! Briar