La Cerise sur le Gateau

No I can't speak French, I'm just great at cut and paste! If you are a cushionaholic, you'll love these French designs, created in 100% white cotton with stitched detail. The image is printed in grey/black with fabulous hot pink spots, mustard moustache's and a collection of creative moustaches. The cushions are mostly 50x50cm and come with inserts included. They arrived in store today and were all sold by lunch time! That's 10 cushions! I had to ring the supplier and beg her to return with a second order, which is now in store. Again.

This might just be the old art director coming out in me, but how good is the styling in these shots? Very nice I say. Check out the whole range at this website. If there is anything you really love that I haven't ordered, just send me a message and I'm sure we can get it in.

We didn't actually get this one in. I'm really liking it now and might just have to order it.  Below are a few more items I just couldn't resist.

Photography by Coco Amardeil

The photography is by Coco Amardeil, I think maybe she held back in the shoot above. Check out her site,  she's OK at using a camera! Decor8 did a feature on her which you can find here.


  1. love love love!!! i miss all the beautiful things and seeing them on a daily basis.. must come shopping soonx

  2. I've loved your store since you opened. Just visited again today and got my first pair of saltwater sandals. So good :)

  3. These are so great, that first one is just divine !!!