push'n cushions

It's been a big weekend in the shop for cushions and these lovely designs by local designer Mr & Mrs White have vanished from the shelves of N.O.T.W.

They are made by the lovely Sasha White. "The cushions are made using a beautiful sand-colour linen/cotton blend, featuring a 1cm sewn border around the edge. Seams and zipper are machine sewn. All cushions are hand-made, and hand stitched graphics. They measure 45cm square."

Can you believe she hand stitches this? Of course it's always the first one to go.

As I mentioned earlier we kind of have a strong animal presence in the shop, below is a little sample of some bamboo clocks that are just too cute for their own good.

and of course this very Nordic cuckoo clock which appears in the Nov/Dec issue of Inside Out Mag.

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