here we go...

My first post as Neck of the Woods and I find myself tapping the keys with nothing to say. Maybe I'll begin with the past!

We opened Neck of the Woods six months ago under the name Pulp Life. We owned a second store Pulp Creative Paper and Pulp Life was an off shoot to sell all of the amazing home wares we found that just didn't fit into our stationery store. Confused?

My business partner had to move interstate and with two shops and two small boys, something had to give. We decided to sell Pulp Creative Paper, so we had to change the name of Pulp Life hence, Neck of the Woods was born. Of course the story is much longer than that.

It's funny you know, almost seven years ago when we started Pulp, I had a dreamy kind of idea that I'd like to open a lifestyle store one day. Some would call it a gift store but I always feel the word "gift" conjours up images of crystal, silver and fake flowers. We're a little more organic, 70's vintage and handmade.

My main reason for this blog is to keep our customers up to date with what's new in store and on the streets. So come check out our Neck of the Woods.

The pics above and below are thanks to two of my favourite customers, Hayley Blease from Little Pinwheel and Anna from Rummy Bears