christmas shopping

Ora bike bag $120
I've been cruising the web lately looking for a special gift for Pat (hubby). It's just too lame to give him something from the shop and coming up to Christmas I have no real time to get out on foot and search all the unique little shops that are far away from here. These are a few of the simple gifts I've found online for people who like the masculine things in life...
Hard Graft iPhone case €49.00
I love the old leather ball, where do I get one of these from? I WILL find them  in 2011to stock.

Tea Sub
Hard Graft hat
Hard Graft shoulder mac book sleeve

Naked & Famous denim beer cooler out 2011. Damn!

Not sure where to get this one


the shop

I'm surrounded by so many lovely things every day and sometimes I just don't see them. Yesterday I was sitting behind the counter and I picked up my camera and looked through it. Suddenly what I look at every day became alive and interesting, thought I'd share the view from my little wooden stool.


stocking stuffers

Now that Christmas is only 5 weeks away I thought it only natural to throw a few gift ideas at you in my next few posts. Most of the ideas in this post are priced below $25. Hope the silly season treats you well. x

We've been stocking Mozi since they first started. Back when I lived in the land of advertising, Camilla one half of Mozi and I actually worked together. I love their style and they are true home grown creative gals. The range below has just arrived and is going really well in store. Apart from the apron and candle, all are around $25. Directly below is a door stop, just in case you weren't sure!


spaces by Frankie mag

If you like people watching as much as I do, you'll love what one of our favourite magazines Frankie has been working on... Spaces. Not only do you get to check some creative humans out across the globe, you also get to snoop around their insane spaces at home and work. It's due in store any minute so give yourself an early Christmas treat and drop by Neck of the Woods to buy one. Such good value at only $22.95! We're also happy to post if you can't get your hands on one close by.


have you met miss jones

If you've haven't already seen the desirable, well designed and affordable lifestyle range from the lovely Jennifer Jones then you mustn't eat lifestyle magazine for breakfast like I do!

We've been stocking Have you met Miss Jones since we opened our doors and it's been one of the most popular labels we have. We just received the latest range so I thought I'd give you a little peak.


made by hand

crocheted pincushions

I love to surround myself with hand made treasures. If you've ever created something yourself you'll appreciate the time, thought, energy and enjoyment you get from the whole process, from thinking about the colours and design and then from standing back and just looking at what you have achieved. Sometimes I look back at illustrations I've done and I find it difficult to believe I actually did them. I think sometimes I'm in an almost meditative state when creating.

Today I thought I'd shine the spotlight on some of the beautiful handmade items we have in store from local and international artists who have created some truly unique pieces. Enjoy x

love snippets and ipod/phone cases
macrame owl from my secret friend in Victoria
Divine children's clothes by Mermadeit
soft toy babushka by the lovely notchka
Babushka laundry bag by page thirty three

These amazing birds are made by a very talented teacher at the local girls school. They are all hand stitched and the feet are even collected from a tree in their back yard. They fly out of the shop faster than she can make them so by the time I've up loaded them they'll probably be sold out!