Flower Weave

I saw these beautiful woven hemp mats at Life in Style and fell in love with them. However, I'm not stocking them at this moment in time as I just don't have the space in my 35sqm little shop. The fact that they retail from $450 - $590 for a 1.5m diameter mat also held me back a little. They are gorgeous and made from natural fibres.... oh what to do?


The Mozartkugel

This is one of those beautifully designed objects that just stares at you until you pick it up, feel it and see how it works. Joerg Adam and Dominik Harborth design objects that work in partnership with human beings. What a beautiful first gift for that special new babe, something they are sure to have for ever. It was recently chosen by the New York times as a "Must Have" so we really should have one shouldn't we??? Another find for Neck of the Woods soon to be in store.


NUD collection

At Neck of the Woods we have five plain white pendant light cords hanging in the window with some over sized traditional light bulbs hanging from the end. Over the past 10 months I've had so many people ask where they can get the long coloured/patterned cords from. Luckily for me I found them at the latest trade fairs.

With 43 patterns and colours to choose from it was one of the most difficult culling processes I've ever had to do. I finally decided on 6 to start with, if they do well we will expand the range. We will have the full range in sample form, so if you would like to order one not in store I can have it to you in a few days. RRP $65 all part included


Pony Rider

Well for any of you living in Sydney, you probably know someone who visited the latest home/gift trade fairs in Sydney. It was my first one as a home wares shopper, for the past seven years I had eyes only for paper goods and just looked in longing at the amazing home products that just didn't fit well in a stationery shop. So this time I went a little nuts. Thought I'd share a few of my favourites over the next few days.

First up is the talented Kelly from Pony Rider. Her new Swiss Heraldry collection is full of florals, stripes, typography and strong graphic shapes including crosses, antlers, Swiss Alps and Moroccan shields.  They all melt together with a fantastic colour palette of red, mint blue and charcoal. Can't wait to get them in store! Love to hear your thoughts.

wall banners

wall dots


weekly pin up

There's a bit of a colour theme going on here, but it was completely unintentional. Subliminally I might be  feeling a bit of Autumn creeping into my veins! 
Most of the pins here are from Etsy, which is great, it just means you can click and buy, oh except for the shoes, they're mine. Happy Valentines x 


tea time

If you loved the tea sets we've had in store previously, then you are going to flip over these cute as a button designs that are soon to be sitting on our shelves. I just want to find a little girl to play with and give the Pocahontas tea set to, it's too sweet! And who said real men don't drink tea? Look out Neil Armstrong.


Favourite Pins

Thought I'd start a weekly post on some of my favourites from Pinterest. That way I can justify my addiction! This is actually my lounge, well not mine exactly but the same as mine and it's owned by a Melbourne couple who recently appeared on Design Sponge. We found ours locally and got it for free from an 85 year old women who had it handed down to her! I'm actually amazed there's another identical one.

I need to find a friend about to turn 30. 

Ahhh I do love an owl.  Anthroplogie, wish we had one in OZ.

I sell these timers and really need to re-order.

I am definitely getting myself a pair of these this autumn.

Lucy Laucht one of my favourite fashionistas.

Getting a range of these macrame planters in store soon.