Make your place by Raleigh Briggs

Who would have thought a simple hand written and illustrated little Eco friendly home hints book could be so cool? DIY ideas for non-toxic clean cleaning, natural body care and gardening. I feel like a girlfriend wrote it out for me due to its great zine style design. I'm all for taking living back to the basics, I use vinegar and baking soda to clean my kitchen and tea tree oil is my best friend when my little men are a bit off aim! I try as hard as possible to medicate homeopathically and grow a few of my own organic fruit and veggies.  It's not that hard and it works.

The boys have been waking with mozi bites all over them lately so the first concoction from this little book was too easy.

Bug repellent

Combine one, some or all of the following essential oils in a  base of vegetable oil or equal parts vodka and water (my combo was the later), and store in a spray bottle. Don't use more than 20 or so drops of essential oil altogether.
Lavender, citronella, eucalyptus, cedarwood and lemongrass. (I didn't have citronella so left it out)

I wait until they are asleep and attack, just like the mozies and it's kind of cute watching them twitch while I pray them with smelly vodka!

We have a few Make Your Place by Raleigh Briggs in store and they retail for about $14.


Seeing Japan

Over the past two weeks our little family were lucky enough to enjoy an amazing trip to Japan. Three days in Tokyo and the rest in snowy Niseko staying at the aptly named Hurry Slowly! It was my second visit to Tokyo and I loved it. If I had visited when I was younger and only had me to think about I'd probably have lived there for a few years. 

Even with a little jet lag (screaming baby two seats back ALL night long) we were on such a high the four of us hit the ground running and couldn't get enough of the sites, sounds and tastes of Tokyo. It did help a lot that our little men have a train fetish. In three days we managed to shop in Harajuku, Ebisu and Shinjuku. Eat fresh sashimi at the fish markets, see a few temples, climb the highest tower in town, eat lunch in the Harajuku Japanese Gardens and buy two pairs of shoes! Everyone was happy.

The snow in Niseko was perfect. There was anywhere from 10-40cm of fresh snow on the ground every morning and the view was just so beautiful. The shot above was taken from our lounge window. One of the many stunning sun rises we were greeted with each morning. Hirafu, where we spent most of the time is basically full of Australians, which isn't a bad thing, however if you're after a cultural experience, it's pretty much non existent there. But drive a few minutes out of town and you don't have to look too far over the snow drifts to find the true Niseko.

The pic above is of the most amazing vintage/new fashion store in Harajuku. I visited it the first time I was in Tokyo and was very delighted to find it was still here. Guys and girls gear, so drag him in. Look out for all the lovely purchases in the next few posts.


Pinterest and my boho wedges

I recently found a new website Pinterest and I am TOTALLY ADDICTED. Actually that's an understatement. It's gone way past addiction and I can't peal myself away from my computer. I'm going to be the perfect candidate for some form of computer cancer, I can just feel it!  Anyway if you're still with me and haven't gone to check out what this Pinterest is all about, it's kind of like an online scrapbook full of yours and other peoples interesting finds, things they want, things that inspire them and things they just like. 

I found this pair of wedges on an etsy site and stupidly "pinned" (Pinterest lingo) them yesterday. I really did plan on buying them. They were perfect, my size and in NZ for only $34. I know Nuts, why did I even hesitate! I thought about them all night as you do when you find a pair of shoes you like and I went back to the etsy site today to purchase them and they were sold, I'm guessing to a Pinterest viewer!

Now all I have is this picture of what could have been mine.... deep sigh... lovely aren't they?

WARNING: If you are going to delve int the delicious world of Pinterest beware what you pin!


people lamps

Love these simple lamps by Ricardo Garza Marcos perfect for a nursery or just for me next to my bed!

The 40's inspired Pluto Wall clock will be in store very soon, fingers crossed. It measures 65 x 65cm and will retail at around $250. 


sandals and summer

Who could resist a pair of Saltwater Sandals when they could make you look this cute! Since seeing this pic on The Sartorialist (one of my favourite blogs) I've been sporting my tan ones quiet a bit. My white pair have had a work out too, they're best friends with my beautiful market basket both from NOTW.


new finds

A few new finds soon to arrive at Neck of the Woods from Little Otsu and Sarah Utter. How cute is the above alphabet thank you card?