summer holidays

Not too much going on around our house these sweet summer holidays
a little bit of op shopping
and of course the beach


christmas in the Woods

Stag & Bambi

After selling Pulp I realised how little I actually took home. Crazy I know, but when it's at your fingertips all of the time, it doesn't cross your mind to take it all home as well. It's been pretty much the same with Neck of the Woods, but this Christmas there were a few treasures that made it to our humble abode.

Hanging metal bird with tea light behind wing 

Christmas bush of course. Pat paid $6 for this bunch from a couple of kids on the corner lemonade stall style. They were a bit too cute for him to turn down. The kids not the bush.

Three stockings I made when I had way too much time on my hands. Great fabric from Nordic Fusion. The red ones are from Mozi. The wreath is from a stall at Frenchs Forest organic markets. They were just too good not to have one.

Have a great Christmas. xo


christmas dress

I love a summer dress, especially a new one to wear on Christmas Day. I just found the most gorgeous little  vintage inspired dresses at Sohomode on Etsy. Once you've visited her you'll understand why I couldn't choose, eventually I bought this one yesturday, hopefully it will arrive before Chrissy day, otherwise I'm sure you'll spot me in it at the shop. If it fits well I might have to get two more dresses, a skirt and a blanket  for Winter! x


page thirty three

Ryan and Bianca the two very talented Sydney based artists behind Page Thirty Three are creating some some great pieces for stores like mine. After stumbling across Ryan looking pretty daunted at the August Life in Style in Melbourne, I wanted to order everything! The bath brew above is a huge giant tea bags. The Lavender milk bath, with goats milk and cacao butter, uses organic ingredients where ever possible and is the perfect gift at around $15.
Although my two boys think these are just toy guitars made just for them to be true rock stars, they do have a functional purpose. I couldn't put it better than Ryan and Bianca have "For the rock star without a band, the fly’n vee flyswatter gives everyone the chance to live out their dreams of smashing a guitar to bits on stage. You can take out your vengeance on would be pests, or if you are a devout animist this axe looks great resting in it’s stand on display. The Fly’N vee is made from recycled plastic, and packaged neatly in a recycled paper envelope that has been designed to be re-used. Within the package an easy to construct fold out stand is also included to rest your axe on while not in use." $15.95

"Made from 100% unbleached cotton canvas, the Page Thirty Three Laundry Bag works dually as a storage accessory, and carry bag. With a range of printed graphics, the Laundry bag adds to the aesthetic of any bedroom or laundry. It features a reinforced shoulder strap (with underside detail print), hang loop, and self fabric draw cord, so you don’t lose your undies on the walk to the laundromat.
Dimensions: Fits a dirty weeks worth of laundry." $38

Purchased individually the ceramic jigsaw plate can be used as a cheese platter, feature plate, table sculpture, or a simple sandwich plate. Each plate is exactly the same; when four plates are placed together they join to make a completed square puzzle. Dimensions: Each plate is 24 x 30 x 1.5 cm

60% Linen 40% Cotton Tea Towel with printed Graphic, and woven label hang tab. Each Tea Towel comes packaged neatly in a recycled paper envelope that has been designed to be re-used at a later date, or to send the Tea Towel as a gift.