tea time

I love caffine, but I'm a self confessed coffee snob, latte, full fat cows milk and one real sugar has to be had before 12pm,  made by a barrister on a CLEAN machine and I don't want to wait longer than 5min for it!  However,  having said that, my favourite hot beverage is tea made by me. I'd give up my one (high maintenance) coffee in a second if I had to choose between the two. So today I thought I'd share a few little treasures we have in store for fellow lovers of the leaf!

And for the more understated tea drinker we have these...


lovely sea creatures

I recently met a friend who told me to check these out. I did and now I want one right right now! Not sure if they are in Australia yet, but I'm on the case. At prices starting from 400 Euro, I might be saving for a while. What a talented little knitter Christien Meindertsma is. They are made from New Zealand wool and hand knitted. Her needles are as big as broomsticks!


Hunter Valley Vintage

We were lucky enough to spend this weekend in the Hunter Valley. We're not huge wine buffs, but we always manage to leave with something in a bottle. However last time we were there we discovered this great shed full of antiques and restored furniture Hermitage Road Antiques, right across the road from Piggs Peake Winery, if you are a wine buff. It was top of the list of places to go and people to see and instead of leaving with a case of wine, we left will a boot full of wood in the form of two chairs and a carved out tree stump used for feeding cattle warm rice during the winter in South Korea 200 years ago... true story!


house doctor

House Doctor is a Danish based interior company, who's style is created by "mixing rather than matching the elements". No item is too formal and each have a subtle organic twist to them. I love this lamp, it's a little bit vintage, a little bit Danish. The beautiful items featured here are due in store late October. 

The gorgeous ceramic vases above are only quiet small if memory serves me right. But a cluster of them together just works so well you really need to have three or more. The lovely muted tones are enhanced even more by the distressed glazed finish.

Below are a few items I'm pretty sure I didn't order, however I think I'll add them right now. The world has gone owl mad recently so I'm sure these sweet little candle holders will do well. And everyone needs a thermos to keep their fresh homemade limeade cool on a hot summers day.

Not too sure about these lamps? Let me know what you think.


better days

Marilyn Monroe recovering from appendectomy (1952)

After having an emergency appendectomy on Wednesday night I can assure you I don't feel or look as hot as Marilyn, hopefully my scar will look a little better! Thankfully I have a freezer full of organic chicken soup, my MacBook and a divine husband to look after me.


La Cerise sur le Gateau

No I can't speak French, I'm just great at cut and paste! If you are a cushionaholic, you'll love these French designs, created in 100% white cotton with stitched detail. The image is printed in grey/black with fabulous hot pink spots, mustard moustache's and a collection of creative moustaches. The cushions are mostly 50x50cm and come with inserts included. They arrived in store today and were all sold by lunch time! That's 10 cushions! I had to ring the supplier and beg her to return with a second order, which is now in store. Again.

This might just be the old art director coming out in me, but how good is the styling in these shots? Very nice I say. Check out the whole range at this website. If there is anything you really love that I haven't ordered, just send me a message and I'm sure we can get it in.

We didn't actually get this one in. I'm really liking it now and might just have to order it.  Below are a few more items I just couldn't resist.

Photography by Coco Amardeil

The photography is by Coco Amardeil, I think maybe she held back in the shoot above. Check out her site,  she's OK at using a camera! Decor8 did a feature on her which you can find here.